Welcome to Southside Community School

Your neighborhood school committed to Peace, Respect, Equality and Leadership

Southside Community School is a free, non-profit, public charter school serving grades K-9. We work with the community and parents to foster academic excellence, community responsibility, cultural awareness, and a safe campus with a school-wide policy of non-violence.

Founded in 2001 by a local public prosecutor driven by a vision of making a positive impact on the community, Southside Community School strives to serve its members through its mission of non-violence and meaningful partnerships.

  • Free Books for All Students
  • Two Free Meals and Snack Offered Daily
  • Free Day Care Services for Children Ages 3-5 (limited space available)
  • Free After-School Program Activities
  • Free Extracurricular Sports and Clubs
  • Free After-School Tutoring
  • STEAM Project Based Learning
  • Music Instruction
  • PE Daily for All Students
  • Bi-Monthly Food Pantry Distribution
  • Annual Fund for Homeless Clothing
  • Highly Qualified and Passionate Teachers!

Interested in a making a Tax Credit Donation to Southside Community School, but not sure how? Here’s more information: