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Teacher Salary Information


1. Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2024: $42,719
2. Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2023: $36,382
3. Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2020: $6,337
4. Percentage increase: 17.4%

Comments on average salary calculation (optional): Five of the teachers that resigned at the end of FY2018 were veteran teachers and the new teachers that were hired to fill those positions were entry level teachers whose salaries were considerably less. In FY 2019, we eliminated one teaching position, and two teachers that resigned at the end of FY 2019 were replaced with new hires with less experience and lower base salaries. At the end of the first semester, we had a veteran teacher leave unexpectedly and at the end of FY2022 we had three other more experienced teachers resign and two were replaced with entry level teachers with lower base salaries and one teaching position is being eliminated. At the end of FY2023 we eliminated one teaching position and we had two teachers leave and were replaced by a more experienced teacher and a returning more experienced teacher. We also raised the teacher pay scale and FY2024 teachers’ salaries respectively.